Beware Cancellations and Mexican Timeshare Solutions

    Beware Cancellations and Mexican Timeshare Solutions

    Mexican timeshare solutions may come with pitfalls, heartache, and scams. When you aresearching for a genuine timeshare solution to cancel your timeshare, resell your timeshare, or rent your timeshare, then you should be careful; and if you have any warning signs or flags, then this isn’t the company for you. Many of the Mexican timeshare solutions companies claim they can cancel your timeshare and get you a refund, but beware. You may just get ripped off by the company. If you want to protect yourself, then take a look below.

    Mexican Timeshare Solutions

    Have you read testimonials on the Mexican Timeshare Solutions website from past customers who claim Mexican Timeshare Solutions was able to cancel their timeshare? This company claim they can cancel your membership, then get you a full refund, but can they legally? They claim they can cancel your membership with the Villa Group Timeshare, Mayan Palace Timeshare, Velas Vallarta Timeshare, and Real Club Timeshare. We would like to know if the testimonials are true, because if the Mexican Timeshare Solutions can indeed cancel your timeshare and retrieve the money, then why are they charging their customers for this service when a timeshare member can cancel their timeshare within the cooling off period on their own without a fee?

    Legal Cancellation of Mexican Timeshares

    Once the cooling off period has passed (which varies from company to company and country to country), then it is not possible for a timeshare owner to cancel their membership without just cause. The timeshare company must have miss-sold the timeshare, and you are able to prove it. The reputable timeshare companies that were mentioned previously all provide their customers with a product that is truly genuine, so it will be very difficult to prove they have scammed their customers – which is why the alarm bells ring when cancellation companies claim they have cancelled your timeshare with them. It would seem that the only true frauds and scammers are the Mexican timeshare solutions companies that claim they will cancel your timeshare and get your money back when in reality they cannot. You may believe that your timeshare has been cancelled, but you will soon receive a notice letting you know that you are in default on your loan or not up to date with your maintenance fees. If you are having an issue with your timeshare, then contact the timeshare company and discuss any problem you are experiencing instead of involving a third party.

    Avoiding the Need for Mexican Timeshare Solutions

    The best way to avoid being scammed is to read your contract from front to back before you sign the contract. While you are reading your contract there will be a VLO (Verification Loan Officer) who will be there to help you with anything that you don’t understand with the contract. The VLO will answer any and all questions that you have with the timeshare contract. Go through the contract twice to make sure that you completely understand the contract, then ask the VLO any questions or concerns that is bothering you. The VLO will go over the key selling points, all sale features, and all the clauses that is with the contract. If you do this, then you won’t have to worry about seeking help from a Mexican timeshare solutions company.

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