Beach Vacation Destinations in Mexico


    Mexico tops the list of many “best vacation destinations” charts, boasting some of the most wonderful beach vacation destinations in the world. When planning your vacations in Mexico, you will also find a variety of different vacation spots, each with their own specific charm and allure. Mexico is a huge country and each coastline has something unique to offer.


    Top Beach Vacation Destinations in Mexico

    Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas, Loreto and Cancun fall easily amongst the best beach vacation destinations in Mexico. These destinations are by far the most popular for beach vacations for visitors coming from the United States and Canada.

    Puerto Vallarta

    When it comes to beach vacation destinations in Mexico, Puerto Vallarta has to be a favorite. This Pacific Coast playground with mountains and ocean all in one place is united by idyllic surroundings. The famed boardwalk is a great place to socialize and enjoy a sunset, while numerous restaurants serving great Mexican cuisine delight visitors at every turn. The beaches are clean and sandy, with many that are perfect for safe swimming as well as spots for surfing.

    Cabo San Lucas

    The desert climate in Cabo San Lucas creates the perfect setting for a sunny beach vacation in Mexico. Counted among the best beach vacation destinations in Mexico, it is no wonder that Cabo attracts celebrities and actors looking to escape the limelight in paradise. You will find top hotels lining Cabo San Lucas’ sandy beaches and enjoy a selection of fabulous restaurants to tempt you.

    The Islands of Loreto

    Loreto is a very unique location for a beach vacation destination in Mexico, with its quaint colonial charm and stunning landscapes. The waters that surround the Loreto are protected as a nature reserve limiting the use of motorized sports equipment. Taking a glass bottom kayak for a tour is certainly one of Loreto’s most memorable attractions.


    Located on the Caribbean Sea, Cancun almost needs no introduction as one of the finest beach vacation destinations in Mexico. Its famous combination of azure sea and white sands are easy to imagine with palm trees dancing in the breeze. Cancun also stands out from other beach destinations in Mexico because of its captivating Mayan history, which can be experienced when visiting one of the many Mayan historical sites that populate the Yucatan Peninsula.

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