Summer Vacations in Puerto Vallarta

Activities for Kids during Summer Vacations in Puerto Vallarta

Are you planning for your summer vacations in Puerto Vallarta with your kids? When you take a trip to Puerto Vallarta, all sorts of activities are waiting for your kids to explore and enjoy. Here are some of the top activities for your kids to enjoy during their summer vacations in Puerto Vallarta.

Help Charitable Institutions

There are many worthy charitable foundations in Puerto Vallarta that will provide you and your kids the opportunity to see and share life’s blessings. Whether your advocacy is for animal welfare and protection; care for the homeless; or support for the aged, there is an organization waiting for you and needing your help. Some of these organizations include Purr Project, Casa Hogar Maximo Cornejo Orphanage, Corazon de Nina Children’s Home, and DIF Old Age Home. As well as accepting monetary donations, supplies and medicines that you might bring with you from home, just spending some time can make all the difference. DIF old age home has a program where you can adopt a grandparent. Things like these are great activities to include in your itinerary for you and your kids unforgettable summer experience.

Hike to Las Animas

A magnificent nature trail lies thirty minutes from the center of Puerto Vallarta. Riding a bus or taxi or driving on the Carretera a Barra de Navidad or South Shore highway will take you to Boca de Tomatlan. This town is where the hiking starts. The trail begins on the South Side of the Boca river following a coastal path. There are friendly locals who are willing to guide you or at least point you in the right direction to where the trail starts. Along this two-hour nature trek are splendid sights to behold including tropical birds and plants. Curiosity will take your young adventurers into the hidden beaches and a small river. Children aged five years and older will certainly enjoy this nature hike.

Water activities at Las Animas Beach town

More thrills wait at Las Animas to enhance your summer vacations in Puerto Vallarta. You will reach this beach once you come to the end of the hike trail. Here you can enjoy a host of exciting activities that will surely make your kids’ summer vacations in Puerto Vallarta all the more fun with pastimes such as splashing into sea by jumping off the pier, feeding the fish, snorkeling, swimming, boat-riding, and so much more. Socially, your kids will also learn to make new friends as they get to know other kids including locals and other tourists. There is also a trail that will lead to a waterfall located on the far south of the beach. If your kids are craving for something to eat after doing these tiring yet fun-filled adventures, restaurants in Las Animas offer such delightful meals. Las Animas can also be reached by water taxis from Boca de Tomatlan or Los Muertos Beach or through organized tours.

Dine at El Rio BBQ

If you and your kids are still longing for more things to do during your summer vacations in Puerto Vallarta, why not try El Rio BBQ? You can reach this place after about 10 minutes of driving along the bumpy Libramiento road. This dining area specializes in barbecued chicken and spare ribs with watermelon and jicama salad. Some days you will be treated to entertaining music,and the wooden dance floor is ready for kids who are in the mood to groove. The best part at El Rio BBQ is the river located below it. Here, kids can swim, dive, swing off a rope, and even observe interesting river animals. All these activities will keep them busy while their guardians enjoy a relaxing meal or drink while watching over them.

Explore the Isla Rio Cuale

This river island in Puerto Vallarta was formed by the braiding of the River Cuale. Reaching this place is an adventure in itself. Kids will have to pass through two hanging bridges to reach the island. One interesting attraction in this place are the kitty cats which consider this island as their home. Aside from this, a statue of John Huston and the city’s cultural center are also located in this island and you can walk to the flea market near the mouth of the river.

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