Scam or Fraud? Have you been called by 619-354-5935? Perhaps you are in doubt about whether this is a genuine company. I have carried out some quick research about this telephone number and have some points below.

    619-354-5935 is Today Getaway Travel Agency

    Today Getaway is a travel agency that sells Mexico vacations. They call clients from the following telephone number 619-354-5935 offering affordable packages to vacation destinations in Mexico. Because the packages are so cheap, some people are wondering if the company is a scam or fraud. It is natural for people to think that when it sounds too good to be true. It is always good to be cautious. Read on to find out if 619-354-5935 is a scam or fraud:

    Is 619-354-5935 a Scam or Fraud?

    Have you received a call from 619-354-5935? If you have, then you are not the only person to receive a call from this number. This number is calling you from a company called Today Getaway, and it is a California number, but the company’s headquarters is in Mexico. You may be asking yourself, why Mexico? This definitely must be a scam or fraud, but the truth is Today Getaway sells affordable vacations in Mexico and at the top destinations too, which is why it is only natural for the company to be based in Mexico. Today Getaway’s website is http://www.todaygetaway.com and if you go there you will notice that there are two telephone numbers, 619-354-5935 (California number) and 1-877-216-4046 (international number) that allows you to speak to an agent from Today Getaway.

    When you call 619-354-5935 what happens?

    If you take the time to call 619-354-5935 you will learn quickly that it is not a scam. You will be greeted immediately by a sales agent who will give you all the information on the vacation packages that Today Getaway offers along with all of the Mexico destinations that they provide. After your experience on the phone with the agent you will figure out this is not a scam.

    Positive Customer Reviews

    If you do a little bit of research along with checking customer reviews on this company you will see that this company is a legit and professional company. You may see a couple of complaints by people who just didn’t want to receive any phone calls from Today Getaway’s number 619-354-5935, but the rest of the reviews are pretty positive and happy reviews. All of the positive customer reviews clearly state that the vacation offers are real if you meet certain criteria.

    Why are the vacation packages so affordable?

    One reason why many people think that the company is a fraud and scam is that they provide cheap vacation packages to Mexico. Although they seem too good to be true, they are true. The website for Today Getaway provides valuable information if you go to the FAQ page. One of the reasons that Today Getaway can provide affordable vacations is because their sales people don’t use any marking methods and the company lets people actually try the vacation products first, which is why they can provide affordable vacation packages. Everyone must attend a sales presentation, but again, you don’t have to purchase a vacation package.

    Has this article provided you with the information you were looking for? Is 619-354-5935 a scam or fraud? Please leave your comments below and let us know how your experience was with Today Getaway agents.

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    1. We went to Cabo last year with Today Getaway. Really cheap. Great hotel. Presentation was fine. We actually quite enjoyed it. We would have bought if we had the money.

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