Who is Interval International?

    Interval International is a worldwide vacation accommodation exchange network or vacation club who deal with timeshare properties, residence clubs and timeshare points. You can become a member of Interval International in various ways, either as a timeshare week owner wishing to swap your week for a like-for-like property in another destination, as a residence club member where you wish to exchange your points, or as a direct Interval International member where you buy points directly from Interval International. Non-members can also rent timeshare properties as a temporary member.

    The great thing about joining Interval International is the wide selection of resorts that are included in its inventory. It claims over 2,800 different resorts in more than 75 countries, making your timeshare week or points highly versatile and putting the world at your fingertips. You can even swap your timeshare week/points for a cruise vacation!

    Interval International is also very selective about which resorts it exchanges, which means that its members can fully trust the quality of the services and rest assured that each vacation accommodation exchanged will be as great as the last.

    Interval International also offer its members certain privileges, such as discounts on airfares, car rentals and travel agent services. Another advantage is that you can bank or save your week or points for the following year so that you can enjoy a two weeks or upgrade to a more luxurious unit. Joining Interval International also means that you can split your timeshare week, should you wish to do so, taking two short vacations rather than one whole week.


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