What is the truth about timeshares?

    If you were to ask someone about their opinion of timeshares, you would receive a wide range of responses. The truth about timeshares is frequently overshadowed by complaints about maintenance fees or customers who have been scammed by a deliberate fraud. However, it is worth stressing here that timeshare is not a scam. Any scams associated with timeshare are caused by companies who are deliberately seeking to defraud people from their money as in a resale scam or a company who sells units in an unbuilt resort.

    Happy timeshare reviews comment how owning their unit encourages frequent vacations. It means that you are more organized about when and where you will take the family. This way you can take advantage of your free time. Owning a timeshare takes the stres out of finding a place to stay and choosing a destination. You know where you are going and you are guaranteed a good time.

    Timeshare accommodations are usually very large and spacious with great facilities including kitchens, dining rooms and living area etc, and some even have laundry facilities. This means that you can cook in your unit and save money on eating out in restaurants every night.

    Maintenance fees are a reality of timeshare and while people will always like to complain, they are essential to secure the running and quality of your property. Maintenance fees takes the stress off the owner to organize the upkeep of a property while you are out of the country.

    Timeshares are a long term investment. You gain the benefits of using your unit during your reserved dates as well as making a profit on your timeshare if you rent it. While timeshare is by no means a get rich scheme, your investment will be fully rewarded with vacations that will provide unforgettable memories.


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