What is a Timeshare Presentation?

    What is a Timeshare Presentation?

    More than likely if you have been on vacation in Mexico, you were probably approached and invited to attend a sales presentation about timeshare opportunities. Many times, potential buyers are offered free meals and tickets just to take the time to attend a sales presentation. Are you wondering what a timeshare presentation is or if it’s a waste of time? Continue to read below to learn more about a timeshare presentation.

    • What is a Timeshare and a Timeshare Presentation?

    A timeshare or vacation ownership membership is a financial obligation where people share a vacation property for a certain period of time each year. Usually the time period for vacations are one to two weeks annually. If you are a member with a hotel chain or group that has multiple locations, then you may even have the additional benefit of using your allotted time period at a different location to keep vacations interesting and varied. To become a timeshare owner, you will have to pay a down payment along with regular monthly maintenance fees. The maintenance fees are a very important part of your membership as they help keep the property in excellent condition. Although there could be a few downsides to being a timeshare member, many people are enticed with the promotions that timeshare companies are offering potential buyers such as free vacation stays at hotels or entertainment tickets. Now that you know what a timeshare presentation is, is it worth your time to attend one?

    • Timeshare Presentation Disadvantages

    Before anyone decides to attend a timeshare presentation they should first consider the free incentives that you were offered. Did the incentives seem too good to be true? If they did, then they probably are. Many times, timeshare companies will offer attendees free tickets for entertainment or even a free hotel stay if you attend the 90-minute sales presentation. Sometimes after the presentations, you are required to take a tour of the property so that potential members can get a better idea of what their membership would be like. In addition, not everyone has the chance to become a vacation ownership member. Only certain individuals are actually eligible for a membership. The timeshare companies will want you to be at least twenty-five or thirty years old, and your income should be at a good level. Most times your relationship status is considered as well as they prefer individuals to be married or in a long-term relationship.

    • Dynamic Salespeople

    Even if some people have no intention of buying a timeshare, they still believe it is worth their time to get free tickets if they attend the timeshare presentation. One thing most people don’t know is they should be prepared to deal with dynamic salespeople who are trained to make a sale. They have been known to keep some people past the presentation time frame to wear them down in hopes of making a successful sale. Some salespersons have also created a false sense of urgency in order to use emotion in their sales approach. The salespeople will always have an answer for any questions that are being asked. If one salesperson has failed in obtaining their goal of making a sale, they will often ask a co-salesperson to assist them in making that sale.

    Just as in real life, some situations may be better than other, and every timeshare is different from another. You now know what to avoid when you are considering a vacation ownership investment. Do you now understand what a timeshare presentation is?

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