Vacation Club Advice – Villa Group Scams Info

    Vacation Club Advice - Villa Group Scams Info

    Are you searching for vacation club advice about timeshares in Mexico? Are you curious if Villa Group scams are something to be concerned about? The reality is that the Villa Group is a responsible and reputable resort provider with over 30 years in the timeshare industry. With thousands of satisfied vacation club members, timeshare scams at Villa Group rarely occur. In addition, if a Villa Group scam occurs it is almost always associated with third parties who are misusing the prestigious company’s name illegally. If you want to learn more vacation club advice about Villa Group scams, keep reading below.

    • Villa Group Vacation Club (2019 Update)

    Villa Group vacation club scams are easy to avoid in 2019. Since Villa Group Resorts is a genuine and respected timeshare resort provider, they work hard to offer a great product for their valued members. If you are looking for a solid value for a Mexican vacation club membership, Villa Group Resorts is the top choice with 9 resorts situated in the 5 best locations in Mexico such as Cabo San Lucas, Cancun, Islands of Loreto, Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit. In 2019, Villa Group timeshare scams are rare. In fact, Villa Group timeshare scams are rarely linked to the company directly, but instead caused by outside parties who misused the company’s name in order to scam unsuspecting victims. Other times, new timeshare members did not thoroughly read their membership contract which could cause some confusion which could be misinterpreted as a scam. To stay safe and responsible, keep reading below to learn more.

    • Say No to Outside Companies

    Want to know the number one best way to prevent a 2019 timeshare scam from happening to you? It is simple. Only work directly with Villa Group. That way, Villa Group timeshare scams and fraudulent situations can be totally avoided. Remember, if you are ever approached by a sales representative on the street during your vacation, ask for official ID which legitimate sales rep should have on their person when working. In addition, if a sales rep takes you on a Villa Group Resort property tour, but then takes you off site to sign the membership contract, be aware that is a red flag of a scammer. Scammers will try to get you to sign a membership contract offsite, while legitimate team members conduct all business at the resort. Remember there are unscrupulous fraudsters that introduce themselves as members of the Villa Group, when the truth is they do not work for the prestigious company. Unfortunately, sometimes these scammers are successful in duping innocent individuals into buying a timeshare plan that doesn’t even exist. Make sure you stay informed and only work directly with Villa Group to prevent a scam from happening to you.

    • 2019 Resale Scams 

    In 2019, timeshare resale scams also occur if you are not informed. A resale scam occurs when an outside party convinces an existing timeshare member that they have a buyer who wants to purchase their old timeshare. The truth is a buyer doesn’t exist, and the scammer charges the unsuspecting victim an upfront fee and then disappears. Sadly, some Villa Group timeshare owners have been duped by a resale timeshare scam. Some members were tricked into paying the upfront fee to an outside party, and were later disappointed and financially affected when no service was provided. To stay safe, never work with outside parties so you can protect your timeshare investment.

    To conclude, the best way to avoid 2019 timeshare scams at Villa Group is to only purchase a timeshare membership directly from the company. That way, you will stay safe from becoming a Villa Group timeshare scam victim. You run the risk of potentially getting scammed when you work with outside individuals or companies who may not be legitimate.

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