Villa del Palmar Timeshare Membership Benefits

    Villa del Palmar Timeshare Membership Benefits

    It’s no secret that Villa del Palmar Timeshare membership benefits are numerous. You may be surprised to learn all the Villa del Palmar Timeshare membership benefits. There are many privileges that comes with being a member, and you can see why when you continue to read below.

    Prestigious Vacations

    First and foremost, the Villa del Palmar timeshare membership means you are privileged to prestigious vacations and this is for your entire lifetime. The best resorts and the top beach destinations in Mexico is where your prestigious vacations will occur. You will actually save money on future vacations with your timeshare membership, because today’s price is what you will only pay.

    Amazing Resorts Destinations

    By using your Club Points you can make reservations at the top amazing resort destinations throughout Mexico. These top amazing resort destinations can occur in Cabo San Lucas, Cancun, Loreto, Riviera Nayarit, and Puerto Vallarta.

    Flexible Villa del Palmar timeshare points

    The Villa del Palmar timeshare club points allow you to tailor the length of your vacations to your needs. You can use points like cash for shorter vacations in more luxurious units or longer vacations in smaller units. As you wish.

    Banking or Borrowing

    You may not know it, but if you don’t use your Villa del Palmar timeshare Club Points, then you can bank them for a total of five years (or one year for biennial timeshare members). To bank the Club Points it has to be done before the end of October each year. You also can borrow from your Club Points for up to five years (or one year for biennial timeshare members).

    Bonus time (Preferred Points)

    Villa del Palmar timeshare members are given Preferred Points each year which are like bonus time that you can choose to use during the summer months. Villa del Palmar timeshare Preferred Points can be redeemed for stays during May-October (weeks 18-43). All you have to pay are the maintenance fees for the time you use.

    Adding a Day or Two

    Prorated Maintenance Fees can be paid by members who want to extend their stay once they have arrived to the resort. Subject to availability, adding a day or two can be done with ease.

    Accommodations Worldwide

    Villa del Palmar timeshare members are given a complimentary year’s membership with Interval International, through which you can organized exchanges to countries around the world.

    Avoid Crowds with Exclusive Check-in Desk

    With Villa del Palmar timeshare, members will feel important and special with the exclusive check-in desk. This will allow members to check-in quickly and without crowds anytime during the day or night with the exclusive check-in desk. Flying midweek can now be avoided for Villa del Palmar timeshare members.

    Booking Window of up to Two Years

    Villa del Palmar timeshare members can request reservations at the resort up to two years in advance.

    Redeeming Club Points

    There are a variety of services that Club Points can be used for such as the spa services, ordering flowers, dining, and more. You are required to pay at least 50% in cash while the remainder can be covered by points.

    Added Discounts for Members

    Villa del Palmar timeshare members can enjoy a discount card that they will get when they check-in and arrive at the resort. The discount card will give you plenty of ways to save money at restaurants, bars, golfing, shopping, and more. The onsite tour agency also offers members discounted rates.

    Friends Count Referral Program

    The Friends Count referral program gives Villa del Palmar timeshare members rewards when they refer their friends. The friends that attend a presentation will result in added rewards for you and if they purchase the membership, then the reward is increased.

    There are many exciting Villa del Palmar Timeshare Membership benefits as stated above.

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