Vacation Clubs

Vacations clubs are an excellent option for timeshare owners who wish to make their fixed week properties more flexible and to travel to other destinations worldwide. They are also a great opportunity for people who do not yet have a timeshare to be able to take advantage of timeshare properties worldwide.

The way they work is easy. You buy points which you can then exchange for timeshare properties in the destination of your choice depending on your level of membership. Alternatively, you add your timeshare property to the vacation club’s inventory, making it available for exchange and choose another property in a different resort or at a different time of year.

So, what other benefits do vacation clubs offer their members?

1. Great Value

One of the central benefits of becoming a member of a vacation club is that you can make great savings. One of the easy ways for families to save money is to take advantage of the kitchen facilities that are standard in most timeshare properties. This means that you can save money on buying every meal in restaurants on in the resort itself.

You also make savings when you compare a similar size hotel room. Vacation club accommodations are large as they are all timeshare units, which are built like second homes. Another way you get great value for money is on the discounts and deals offered by vacation clubs. You can sometimes get special offers on airfares too.

 2. Flexible Vacations

One of the main attraction of vacation clubs is the increased flexibility. While anyone can buy points to use in a vacation club, one of the main purposes is to facilitate timeshare owners to be able to swap their timeshare weeks and travel to the destinations that they choose, when they choose. Your vacations are then as flexible as the membership tier you qualify for. For example, one year you may use your points to stay in a high demand destination for one week in a two bedroom unit, while the next you stay a week in a low demand destination in a three bedroom unit.

Another advantage is that you can also bank your points should you not be able to travel for whatever reason. Those points can be used the following year for a two week vacation or to upgrade the week to a more luxurious villa.

3. Great Quality

Because vacation clubs deal in timeshare properties from the most reputable timeshare developers, you are essentially guaranteed quality accommodations. Also, they evaluate each property on specific merits so that you can get like for like properties. The great thing about timeshare properties is that they are designed as second homes, so you take advantage of the mod cons and great furniture.

4. Ease

Vacation clubs make it very easy for you to book your vacation accommodations, and you can do so either by internet or telephone. Large families will also find it easier to find accommodations to fit the whole brood and can avoid having to rent two hotel rooms.

5. Popular Locations

You get to reap the benefits of the vacation clubs’ expertise. They select the destinations they offer based on the popularity of the locations, choosing those places that people are likely to want to visit.


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