Timeshare presentations in Puerto Vallarta (affectionately known as Vallarta) are common and pretty harmless affairs. Most are actually quite pleasant, particularly if you get to spend the day at a luxury resort.

    The presentations tend to follow a similar format, although each developer will have their own style and particular way of organizing the presentation and tour or the resort and suites. You will probably have to offer at least 3 hours of you time, sometimes more, and expect to stay a little longer if you want to truly get the feel of the resort. Even so, it is not a hard task and worth attending even if you hadn’t thought about buying a timeshare property before.

    The standard general format will be a greeting followed by a formal presentation that outlines the merits of buying a property in Puerto Vallarta and the benefits of fractional ownership. Then you will be shown floor plans and photos of the properties for sale followed by a discussion about the costs involved. Afterwards comes the time for a tour where you will see the resort and the units in person. While taking the tour you should think seriously about whether or not you wish to buy a timeshare in Puerto Vallarta as you will be expected to sign the contract when you get back to the timeshare sales room. If you agree to  buy a timeshare read the contract carefully and discuss any discounts you wish to be taken into consideration.

    And that’s all there is to it. Remember, timeshare presentations in Puerto Vallarta should be enjoyable not a chore.


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    1. Unfortunately, the big scam about time shares is the way that timeshare sales are done. During timeshare presentations, it is very common that the sales reps tell numerous lies to the potential buyers, just to get them to sign the contract, and many of them fall for the trap. The hardest part is that time shares are definitely not easy to get rid of.

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