Owning a Timeshare with an Established Company

    Owning a timeshare can provoke a mixed reaction from people. There are those who swear by their timeshare and use it every year and those pessimists who are still unconvinced. With so many companies offering timeshare it is no wonder that the pessimists simply think of timeshare as a scam. What many do not realize is that timeshare per se is not a fraud but you do need to be careful about the companies you choose to buy from.

    Like buying anything or investing in any big product you need to be sure of the quality and reputation of the company you are associating with. It is especially important in timeshare as your relationship with the company will be as long as your contract agreement, which could be anywhere between 25 years and a lifetime!

    That is why the only foolproof advice is to invest your money with an established company that has at least 10 years behind it. New, smaller companies will always be a greater risk and there is little evidence of whether they are a scam or not. The older companies have a lot of press articles about them and customer reviews to guide you, while a new company could simply be here today and gone tomorrow. While parting with your money always comes with some risk, you are much more secure with an established company.

    When you buy with long standing companies, you also benefit from their expertise and insight into building resorts and units that make vacations the height of comfort and convenience.  They have a sixth sense developed over time for new destinations and great deals, meaning that you are very unlikely to regret your purchase.

    The older the company the more likely they will have resorts in lots of other places as well, which makes it easier for you to swap and go somewhere different. Many established companies also offer attractive points schemes that make exchanges very convenient and stress free. There is also the opportunity for excellent upgrades, so that your timeshare investment grows as your finances grow and your preferences change over time.


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