Is Timeshare just one big con or are their pros?

    On the contrary, there are far more pros to owning a timeshare than cons when you purchase from a genuine timeshare developer. The cons come from being involved in a resale scam or a fraudulent company who are selling timeshare units that do not exist or which will never be built. It is also worth noting that many of the cases where people claim to have been involved in a scam are the result of not reading the timeshare contract upon signing.

    So what are the pros to owning a timeshare?

    While it is misleading to say that timeshare will make you money, no matter how successful you are at renting your timeshare, its is true that one of the advantages of owning a timeshare is that it will save you money on a lifetime of vacation accommodations. The financial incentive of owning a timeshare is related to securing yesterday’s prices for your future vacations. Think about the rate of inflation and you can see how there are financial savings to be made.

    Another big pro about owning a timeshare are the sizes of the accommodations. In general you get a much bigger space than standard hotel rooms and suites usually come with kitchen and living areas big enough for the whole family. In that way you can also save money by accommodating more people into the unit in comfort.

    The locations where timeshare resorts are built are usually in the top vacation destinations. Timeshare companies are very thorough about choosing where they will develop their resorts. In a similar way, the location of the resort within the destinations are frequently excellently placed to be able to access key hotspots, like the downtown areas, restaurants, key sights etc. Therefore, this is a great bonus for timeshare owners who return regularly to the destination.

    There really are more pros than cons to timeshare, although the negative press promotes it otherwise. When dealing with genuine timeshare offers, you really have very little to worry about so long as you read the contract carefully and are aware of your responsibilities as a timeshare owner. The major disappoints stem from deliberate scams or bogus sellers promoting timeshare units that will never be built.


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