Villagroup Timeshare complaint

    The Villagroup timeshare is a company that operates in Mexico who has over 26 years experience developing vacation properties and resorts. They are the masterminds behind the Villa del Palmar Timeshare resorts in Cancun, Loreto, Nuevo Vallarta, Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas. Thanks to their long established reputation, they are a company who care a great deal about any complaints made againts their resorts or staff.

    In order to protect their reputation that has been safeguarded over the years because of their honest commitment to selling legitimate and desirable timeshare properties, The Villagroup timeshare are quick to deal with any complaints.

    How to make a complaint

    Despite The Villagroup’s best efforts to always keep the customer happy, there are occasions when guests or owners may feel the need to complain. The first action to take is to inform resort staff immediately of your concern. If you feel that your complaint is not being resolved or being dealt with in the manner you expect, ask to speak to someone of higher authority.

    Complaining from home

    Once you have returned home, if you still have an issue to be resolved, contact The Villagroup timeshare by email, letter or telephone as soon as possible, providing as many details as possible as to the reason for your dissatisfaction. When a complaint involves a particular member of staff or sales teams, it is always helpful to provide the name and position of the person in question.

    The Villagroup timeshare are a genuine timeshare company and therefore any complaints made against them are taken seriously. Complaints on forums do not necessarily reach their attention, therefore it is always best to complain directly to the company for fast results.


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    1. I do agree with you and I am happy to say that I also favor of the same method to complaint against any organization. Actually it is the best way to register your complain against any company or organization to get instant and proper solution. Thanks for sharing this appreciative blog.

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