What You Didn’t Know About Flying First Class for Honeymoons

    flying first class for your honeymoon

    It isn’t all that hard to imagine why many newlyweds prefer flying first class when on a honeymoon. First Class traditionally has been an area for elite groups to sit, something that is set apart from other passengers. This is mainly because of the sense of privacy that is afforded, as well as the extra space. It has been the preferred means of travel for people who are looking to enjoy their new marriage. However, First Class is more like Business Class today, so it is less romantic than it originally was. Do you really want to spend the extra for flying first class for your honeymoon?

    1. Type of aircraft
    2. Although it might not seem like it’s a big deal, the type of airplane you are flying on makes a big difference in terms of the First Class service you will get. The older planes usually do not come equipped with as many luxury amenities as the newer planes. The technology access may be lacking quite a bit. A smaller plane is not as likely to have extra space that is in the more stylish First Class cabins that are in larger aircrafts. Sometimes, you might end up being put in a puddle jumper that has single row seating in First Class. This makes it so you are at least an arm’s length from your spouse, which is unfortunate for your honeymoon trip.

    3. Distance to get to your honeymoon destination
    4. Will you be flying first class domestically, the Caribbean, Mexico, or farther away? Many of these flights with less than 5 hours of air time do not have much of a difference between Economy and First Class. Besides a small amount of extra legroom, a free drink or two, and priority check-in, you won’t get much with your upgrade unless you are on a longer flight. Think again about purchasing First Class tickets, unless you will be going with one of the top ten luxury airlines like Emirate Airways. The First Class cabins often look like small apartments.

    5. The airline can make all the difference to your first class honeymoon experience
    6. Whichever airline you are on plays a huge role in whether or not the extra cost is worthwhile. Most of the time when you travel in North America, you will not get many more accommodations with an upgrade. Delta does offer free wifi, the comfort of extra space, and better beverage and food quality, though it is still airplane food so it may not make much of a difference.

    7. Is flying first class for your honeymoon worth the extra cash it will cost?
    8. It can be a whopping $500 to $1500 dollars more to upgrade to First Class if you are on international travel in North America. Flights that are overseas are going to cost even more. These extreme jumps in price often are not worth it. There is a lot you can do with this extra money, such as pay for a chef to cook for you and your spouse privately, go to the spa together, rent a yacht for the day, or something else that will help you to make memories. Avoid the frustrations that can come with a less than impressive flight experience in First Class if it is not all that important to you.

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