Best Timeshare Developers

    It is very difficult to compile an honest list of the best timeshare developers and operators worldwide, not only because there are so many but also because it would be a very subjective selection. Likewise, some of the best timeshare companies may only operate in one country, like The Villa Group that so far only has resorts in the top destinations in Mexico. How would they compete with world leaders, despite the fact that their Mexican repertoire is far superior than some of the leading global timeshare companies?

    In order to create a genuine list of the top 10 companies that serve the timeshare and fractional ownership market, specific criteria would have to be employed and carried out by an independent reviewer like for example, who currently specialize in ranking hotels rather than timeshare companies per se.

    Another problem with a best 10 list is that it would probably be dominated by the leisure giants that we all know rather than an independent review of the smaller yet quality accommodations and resorts offered by other timeshare companies.

    Another question to cover would be whether to include vacation clubs in this list, especially as they play a key role in being able to swap vacation properties and enjoy the flexibility that most people want from their vacation home. Within the category of vacation clubs alone, you would find a whole host of companies that would need to be ranked against another set of criteria.


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