Are Smaller Timeshare Companies a Bad Option?

    If you are considering buying a timeshare to invest in memories and future vacations then you will want to do a little research into the kind of company you will be buying from. A common question asked by people who are new to timeshare is if smaller companies will offer a better deal. The short answer to that timeshare queries is, “no!”

    There are many grounds for why in general small timeshare companies are not necessarily a good option, the first being experience. On the whole, smaller companies are mostly responsible for the negative reputation that timeshare has as they often do not have the expertise and experience of the larger, well established timeshare companies that have developed an excellent brand and quality products.

    Owing to the success of larger companies, smaller timeshare companies have to compete in a way that frequently means that corners are cut or sometimes, resorts are never actually completed. In order to attract clients, smaller timeshare companies are regularly criticized for offering over the top prizes and incentives for attending presentations, masking the quality of their actual timeshares product.

    In today’s current economic climate, small timeshare operators are more at risk of going bust, which is a big problem for owners who will simply lose out on a lifetime of vacations that were promised when they bought their vacation property. Another disadvantage is that timeshares are generally difficult to resell under any circumstances, therefore a timeshare from a small company would be even more at a disadvantage.

    Finally, upgrades, exchanges and flexibility are limited in a small company, particularly if they only have one resort or complex. Larger timeshare companies offer you the flexibility of exchanging within their group and there are always options for upgrades at a future date.


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