Villa Group Timeshare Complaints, True or False?

Whenever you hear a negative report about something or someone, it is always good to evaluate the information on both sides. For example, you might be surprised to hear about how many Villa Group timeshare complaints actually turn out to be false. This article focuses on some of the top top-ranking Villa Group timeshare complaints that are simply just not true!

Here are the top negative reports about Villa Group timeshare.

FALSE. When couples agree to attend Villa Group timeshare presentations, the time spent will match the time stipulated to the couple at the time they agreed to attend. There are some visitors who may want to stay longer in the resort to know more about the property.

FALSE. With more than 30 years of providing quality services to thousands of timeshare members, Villa Group timeshare is one of the leading timeshare memberships known throughout Mexico.

FALSE. Villa Group timeshare sales agents are discouraged from using hardcore sales practices to give room for the membership to sell itself due to the numerous benefits offered.

FALSE. Villa Group timeshare sales agents are prohibited from telling lies just to force visitors to make purchases. Sales agents undergo training programs which clearly demand honesty in their transactions. Those found violating this policy face disciplinary action from their employer.

FALSE. If you have enough timeshare points, you may stay at any of the resorts available under your Villa Group timeshare membership. Borrowing or banking points for the future are good ways to make sure you can reserve your desired destination and accommodation if you do not have enough points to stay in the resorts that you wish to visit. The earlier you make your reservation, the better chances you have of securing the places you want to stay.

FALSE. Villa Group timeshare weeks can be exchanged for destinations of your choice through Interval International.

FALSE. The contract clearly outlines the cooling off period.

FALSE. Villa Group’s maintenance fees are within industry standards. There are thousands of members who use Villa Group timeshares every year. The evidence can be seen in the timeshare reviews and the numbers of those attending the annual membership meetings.