Are you looking for advice from a timeshare advisor?

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Many people come to my blog looking for advice from a timeshare advisor and I am always glad that they arrive to my posts before paying out large sums of money to a timeshare lawyer or timeshare attorney. There are various reasons why you may be looking for advice from a timeshare advisor, which I will try to address in this article and in others on this blog. Take a look through past posts if your issue has not been answered here.

Timeshare Scams

The most obvious reasons for looking for advice from a timeshare advisor is because you have been involved in a timeshare scam. In these cases, more important than a timeshare advisor, you will need to find legal advice. Timeshare scams often involve criminal activities, which can be charged in a court of law. Do be careful, however, to distinguish between a deliberate timeshare scam (where you have been sold a non-existent timeshare or a property that is never finished) from a timeshare that simply does not suit you. Many people claim they have been involved in a timeshare scam when in reality they simply didn’t read their contract properly before signing.

Timeshare Resales

Seeking advice from a timeshare advisor is a good idea if you are thinking about buying or selling a timeshare resale as there are many resale scams to avoid and disadvantages of buying a timeshare resale (no matter how genuine it is). Timeshare resales can leave you out of pocket if you buy from a fraudulent seller and you should check with the timeshare operator if the membership being sold is a genuine one. As a timeshare owner looking to sell your membership on the resale market; only use agents who take a commission on sales rather than a joining fee.

looking for advice from a timeshare advisor

Timeshare Cancellation

For timeshare cancellations, advice from a timeshare advisor is a great idea but make sure it is free advice. The only chance you have to legally cancel your timeshare contract is during the cooling off period and the process is free. Beware timeshare lawyers luring you into paying high fees for cancellation. If you wish to cancel your contract after this period, you will need to prove that you were caught by a scam or fraudulent company.

Best Timeshare Companies

The way to find the best timeshare companies is to do a little research on the internet for the country where you are thinking of buying a timeshare. The big chains are not always the best value for money, so take care to read the comments on forums and even recommendations on TripAdvisor to check out the quality of the resorts being sold as timeshare.

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